How can I cancel my iTunes or Apple subscription?

If you've upgraded via our app on your iPhone or other Apple device and not seeing billing details in your Portal, there's a good chance you upgraded via your iTunes account. To see the details of your subscription with iTunes please follow these instructions from your iPhone, or iPad (or by logging into your Apple account here and looking at your 'Purchase History'):

  • Open the "Settings" app from your list of apps;
  • Select your profile, often labelled as your Apple ID or iCloud profile;
  • Now, tap Subscription and select Jacks flight club;

From here you can view the billing details, subscription length, and next renewal, as well as cancel future billing or request a refund if you're within their refund period. Please keep in mind that any upgrade through iTunes is an agreement between you and Apple rather than you and Jack's Flight Club, so the T&C to follow is outlined here. We're also unable to offer our 30-day money-back guarantee due to these rules, but Apple also has a refund policy for all app purchases. Once we receive confirmation you've cancelled billing, we'll send a notification to your inbox as well :)

If you no longer have access to an Apple device, please use the options to manage your subscriptions via the Apple account and log in with any web browser.

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