How can I update my airport preferences?

If you're already a free or Premium member with us, you can actually update which airports you'd like to see deals from either in our app (check that out here: Android / iOS) or through your Portal.

When you're in your portal, you can click the profile button at the top and click on the 'Deal Settings' section from the drop-down selection. You can then see where to change your 'Home Airport' and airport selections:

If you are on our app instead, you can find this same feature in the sidebar of your screen, where it says ‘Deal Settings’: 

Please keep in mind that the deals you will receive are only for the airports you selected. Some smaller airports have fewer deals and therefore you may receive fewer emails than usual. Even though we monitor for deals from all regions we cover, we don't have separate departure lists for smaller regional airports. Nonetheless, deals for these airports will still come up, especially for our Weekend Trips :)
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