Can I pay with Paypal or direct debit?

Thrilled to hear you’re interested in upgrading to Premium with us! We don’t currently offer PayPal or direct bank transfers as a payment option for new memberships, but we’ll definitely keep your interest in mind. Right now we offer a few different ways to upgrade:

On our website:

At the moment, we offer a few choices with upgrade payment methods. If you're upgrading on our website, we accept payments from cards backed by a major bank (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc) through our payment processor, Stripe. Stripe offers an encrypted payment processing service, so all payments are completely secure and not stored on our site at all, so you can feel secure in using this upgrade method.

For our Apple users on a web browser (and if you have this option enabled), you may see an Apple Pay option. These payment details will be set with Apple and are also processed through our secure processor, Stripe. If you choose this upgrade payment method, you may find your account is automatically set up with the email address registered on your Apple Pay account. If you're missing your confirmation mail, please double-check this inbox to make sure ;)

On our app:

For our Android users, you will be able to upgrade with Google Pay or through Stripe, just like with our website, along with all the protections offered by this secure payment processor. For Apple users, you can upgrade through iTunes, with billing handled through Apple. As Apple maintains complete protection of your billing and account details, all information about your upgrade and subscription is available through your Apple portal. To change your subscription details, check out this handy guide to find out how to do that. 

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