How can I make changes to or cancel my membership?

We have improved our Premium Portal. If you haven't logged in recently, you'll be prompted to enter your preferences first. Once this is completed, you'll see the options mentioned below to change your billing details or subscription status :)

No matter if you're a free or Premium member with Jack's Flight Club, you can log in any time to your portal with your login details here. From there you can make many account changes depending on your membership level and as long as you 

Free members:

For our free members, you can log into your free portal here to make any changes to your account, including changing your deal delivery preferences, home airport, and email.

Premium members:

If you've upgraded to your Premium plan with a card payment on our website, you can change or update your billing and subscription details any time from your Premium Portal. Clicking on the dropdown selection in the top upper-right hand corner will pull up the ‘Billing info’ option in your profile, like here:

You can update or remove your card details here, cancel your future billing, as well as change your subscription length. You can also change your deal delivery preferences and airport selection, too! If you cancel your future billing on your account, we'll also send you a confirmation email to your inbox for your records.

Please note: If you've paid via a card payment on our website, you do have the option of pausing your membership with us if you're not after deals for a while - this will lock in your current membership rate so you can pick up where you left off in your deal search anywhere from 3 to 12 months in the future :)

If you paid via Paypal, you can cancel or change your billing details by accessing your recurring subscription information via your Paypal dashboard, but check out these instructions here. If you upgraded via iTunes using our app, you can access your recurring billing information by following these instructions

If you're not seeing any of these options, give us a message and we'll lend a hand :)

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