How many emails can I expect as a premium member?

It really depends on how many and which departure airports you select. Airports such as Manchester (MAN) and London-Heathrow (LHR) can expect 12-20 emails a month, while others such as Glasgow (GLA) and Dublin (DUB) will likely be included in 5-7 deals a month. Some airports such as Baltimore (BWI) will only see a few deals each month. If you are willing to travel to a nearby hub, I recommend selecting a few airports in your region to receive more deals.

We also send out around four Weekend Trip alerts each month for our UK & Ireland and EU members, which usually cover trips from around 50 or more airports around these departure areas. These will go out to everyone who has opted in for the 'Weekend Trips' feature on the 'Departure Airports' tab above. You won't miss these as a US member either though, as we send out domestic flights just as regularly in addition to our regular long-haul deals ;)

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