How to refer a friend and get a discount

We're now able to reward you for referring friends, family, and work buddies to Jack's Flight Club Premium membership through our brand new Refer-a-Friend program! 

We're giving you 12 months of Premium membership for free for every friend you refer that becomes a paying Premium member themselves. And your friends get to try out Jack's Flight Club with a 30-day free trial and a discount on the usual price of membership.

You can access your special Premium Refer-a-Friend invite link in your Members Lounge here:

Copy the link in your Lounge and share it with a friend and shortly after they upgrade to Premium you'll automatically receive an extra year of Premium membership free, and they'll have a discount on their upgraded membership - everyone wins :)

If you upgraded more than a month ago, are no longer in a trial period and are still not seeing your Referral tab in your portal, try logging out and back in again. If you're still not seeing the right information, drop us an email and we'll help sort you out.

Here's what you need to know:

  • You'll receive that extra year extension on your Premium membership 15 days after your friend is past their 30 day trial period of their Premium subscription. If they cancel their membership before the 30-day trial is completed you will not receive the credit to your account.
  • Your friend must sign up only from the unique link in your Members Lounge that you provide them – if they upgrade through any other pages, it won’t count because we can’t track the sign up and associate it with your referral.
  • At the moment, this program is only available to existing members who have upgraded to Premium from our website with a card payment - members who have upgraded via Apple iTunes subscription or who are subscribing via PayPal will not see this referral tab in their portal.
  • The referral tab with your special code will only be visible 30 days after your Premium subscription begins and only after any trial or pause period has expired.
  • You must have an active Premium membership at the point of reward for your free year to apply to your account.
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