How does the 'Select my departure airports' option work?

The airport preference settings are great for making sure you receive deals from airports you're sure to find useful. You select the departure airports you wish to receive flight alerts for and if at least one of those airports is mentioned in a fare alert, you'll be getting an email for that deal. While specific departure airports is only a setting for our Premium members, our free members can still set their home airport on their web portal!

Don't worry, if a deal is exceptionally good or a mistake fare, we will still send it to the entire list, so no need to select all the airports! You can select your departure preferences by logging into your premium portal and looking for the tab that says ‘Deal Settings’ under your profile image, like here:

If you are on our app instead, you can find this same feature in the top right corner of your screen, then tapping on the section where it says "Deal Settings", be sure to set your long-haul and short-haul settings here too:  you're not receiving the right alerts for your preferences? Get in touch and we can check this out!

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