Can I set a renewal reminder?

All of our membership plans are automatically renewing and do not send out a reminder of this prior to payment by default. Instead, we offer a handy option inside our Members Lounge for all members who have upgraded by card payment on our website to set a reminder for renewals 14 days before payment will be taken. 

Please note: Apple subscribers will need to set renewal reminders with their iTunes subscription instead. PayPal members will need to pop us a message at to add a renewal member. 

To set this reminder for yourself, sign in to your Members Lounge here and access your billing details tab like in this screenshot:

Once you click on 'Cancel my plan' you will see several options depending on what you'd like to do, including setting renewal reminders. You'll see the renewal setting offered here:

This will set your account to receive a reminder 14 days from your next renewal (or when we downgrade you if you choose to cancel later) so you can choose to change your billing then. No worries about setting this again after your renewal either, it will stay on your account for life :)

If you have questions on this or aren't sure if you're doing this right, just send us a message here and we'll lend a hand!

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