What destinations do you look out for?

All of them! We're on the lookout for absurdly cheap fares to all destinations worldwide, whether it's a massive price drop on flights to Malta, a secret sale to Los Angeles or a mispriced fare to Tokyo, we find it and let you know about it! Because of how we find our deals, though, it can be hard to predict when a specific destination will turn up in our alerts. Typically, though, we've been able to help out with deals to all over the globe given time (even the rare ones).

One thing that would make it more likely for you to receive that special deal you're after is to sign up for our Premium membership, you can see all the details on how to upgrade here. All our upgrade plans include a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you find it's not a good fit for you, but you'll have added access to departure filters, 4x more deals (which is why you're more likely to see that specific fare), special short-haul alerts for even more chances for a trip, along with special discounts on travel services you're already purchasing for your adventures.

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