Do you cover Business and First Class deals too?

We do when we see a really good one! While the majority of our deals are in the economy, we do also keep an eye out on Premium Economy, Business Class, and even the rare First Class fares. Since these can be less common, these upgraded class deals are not sent out as often, typically you can expect around 2 to 4 deals per month depending on your settings. We always recommend checking out the upgrade options on an economy fare you're interested in, just in case this works out to be a deal as well. When we spot an excellent value deal in any class, we'll alert you :)

One thing that would make it more likely for you to receive that special Business class deal you're after is to sign up for our Premium membership, you can see all the details on how to upgrade here. All our upgrade plans include a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you find it's not a good fit for you, but you'll have added access to departure filters, 4x more deals (which is why you're more likely to see that specific fare), special short-haul alerts for even more chances for a trip, along with special discounts on travel services you're already purchasing for your adventures.

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