How do I change where I see deals from?

If you want to change what airport or region you see deals from, there are a few different ways to do this based on what membership level you're on. No matter what though, all changes can be made from within your member portal here (send us a message if you have any trouble logging in!).

Free members
Once you log into your free portal, you can select the profile drop-down menu, click on the "Deal settings" section, and reselecting a home airport option, like here:

Premium members
If you're a Premium member, you will need to log into your portal and go to your profile drop-down menu, clicking the 'Deal settings' section, then click to change your home country, like here:

To change your home country from your app, you can tap the top-right section to bring up our sidebar, then tap "Deal Settings" again to change your country, 

If you keep seeing deals from areas you're not interested in, just send us a message and we can sort you out right away!

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