Help, my app isn't working!

Our app is a great tool to stay up-to-date on all the best deals but sometimes can have a hiccup or two. These can be frustrating, but pretty quick to resolve most of the time with a few steps. Here are some great first steps whenever there is an issue with our app:

  1. Try deleting and reinstalling our app straight from the app store. This makes sure your version is entirely up-to-date and usually solves most problems.
  2. If you're still having issues in seeing or receiving deals, try deleting your phone cache and browser history (see how to do this here: iPhone/iPad & Android) then turn your phone off and back on again.

If you're still having issues either seeing the deals in our app or accessing some parts of our deals, please send us a message along with this information:

  • Your phone model and the operating system version (a guide to finding this for Android + iPhone)
  • A screenshot demonstrating the issue
  • If the error is when you open a specific deal, please copy and paste the URL of the deal in the message to us
  • If your trouble is in logging in, make sure this is only on our app or it is also present when logging into your Premium portal
In the meantime, stay on top of all of the new deals from your Premium portal, where you can see all the deals still available, or from our email alerts (for both our free and Premium members).
We'll get to work solving the issue as soon as possible :)
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