How can I pause my account as a Premium member?

We have recently improved our Premium Portal. If you haven't logged in recently, you'll be prompted to enter your preferences first. Once this is completed, you'll see the options mentioned below to change your billing details or subscription status :)

If you're a Premium member who subscribed to our service with a card payment from our website, we have the option to pause your Premium membership for three, six, or twelve months in case you’re not going to be travelling for a while but still want to hear about our deals later on. To use that feature, just log on to your Premium portal and open your Subscription tab:

Then clicking the 'Cancel my plan' link, you'll be offered the chance to pause your membership.

You’ll be able to select the length of time you’d like your membership paused for there and you'll receive an alert at the start and end of your pause length. You’ll not be able to view the deals either in the portal or our app, or view our perks, and you won’t receive email alerts while paused, but you can always end your pause early if you change your mind later. Once it comes to an end, just be sure to log out and back in to start using your account normally.