What does the 'Pause' option do on my 'Subscription' tab?

Not finding the club super useful right now but want to find a deal later on? Pausing is definitely for you.

This function is available to members who paid via card on our website to suspend all deal delivery as well as suspend your subscription billing period for a set period of time. You'll receive a notification once this pause takes effect as well as when it comes to an end and your renewal date will be pushed back by the same length of time as the pause you selected. If you choose to end your pause period early (do this any time through your Portal), your next billing date will be pushed back the same length of time you spent on a pause. Using this feature locks you into your current subscription rate, so you won't have to pay more should we raise this in the future, and lets you put your account on hold if you're not actively looking for a deal :)

Please keep in mind pauses are limited to once in a calendar year, so you won't see this option available again until 12 months have passed from your previous pause start. At the moment, we're only able to offer this option to our Premium members who upgraded via our website with a card payment, but if you think you should be seeing this option please send us a message support@jacksflightclub.com and we can look into it.